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Good governance and reporting with PlatinumWFM

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Accurate governance and reporting is absolutely critical in our industry. If you recruit and manage high end contractors, ensuring you have good governance and reporting built into your back-office is one of the most important ways to mitigate business risk. We believe that software should make your life easier, most especially when its function keeps your business in good standing with the Australian Tax Office.

PlatinumWFM doesn’t sell software. We use the best software on the market to create a seamless admin solution for recruiters who manage high end contractors. This means that our system connects timesheets and invoices to payroll and direct payment of PAYG, to Super clearing house management and State payroll tax reporting.

We do all this for a single pay-as-you-go fee that shrinks or expands with your payroll, so you only ever pay for what you use. That’s what we mean when we say “one fee, a world of service”.


All our clients rely on our integrated software solution to make accurate governance possible without the process being cumbersome or time-consuming. We think this is a business service essential as it minimises the risk of managing high end contractors, and allows you to grow without fear that you’ll overlook an essential piece of governance.

Our Care Team looks after the software required to manage governance. This includes full reporting management to the Australian Tax Office, direct payment of PAYG tax for your contractor payroll, and complete State payroll tax reporting.

We work with Australian Super for superannuation clearing house because it is the largest industry super fund in the country, and they put their members first, which is a service ethos we relate to at PlatinumWFM.

Darren Berson: PlatinumWFM’s tools, systems and people are experts in flawless placement. We’re here to help recruiters succeed.


None of us thinks about reporting until it’s time to pull an accurate report. That’s usually when we suddenly learn the value of being able to pull comprehensive data quickly and configure custom reports easily.

A quality reporting solution gives you an instant snapshot of the state of your business, especially important when you manage the kind of payroll complexities associated with managing high end contractors, where your payroll might easily exceed $1-million annually with a small number of top earners.

The PlatinumWFM reporting solution goes beyond quick, customisable reports to include pulling data on your commissions and placements, and your client invoicing. You’ll be able to configure your reporting analytics, which our awesome all-Aussie support team will help you set up.

Effective and cost efficient

PlatinumWFM is a no fuss, no friction solution because our system is purpose-built for recruitment and contractor management agencies. WE work on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model, which means you pay a percentage of your total monthly payroll for our full back-office solution, support team and Contractor Care Centre.

PAYG means you never pay for services you don’t need and allows you to rapidly scale up to onboard a full project team of contractors, or scale down when projects end. The amount you pay changes without changing your access to PlatinumWFM’s full solution and support.

This makes managing your risk very affordable - as affordable as our governance and reporting is effective.

Does this sound like the contractor management solution for you? Book a virtual coffee chat or use the Live Chat button to talk to our team today.



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