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Partner Solution

Platinum WFM has partnered with Invoxy to provide you with Timesheet Billing software management and support. 

Our Customer Success Team is able to set up, provision, and support your Invoxy software solution.


Online Timesheets

Our Online Timesheet Invoxy Partner solution allows your internal contractor management team to take control of your timesheets, invoicing, and reporting.


As a leading-edge consulting agency, recruitment, or service delivery business managing contracting resources, it's critical that you have efficient electronic timesheet and invoicing systems in place to streamline your business for competitive advantage. 

Invoxy provisions online Timesheet and Billing software tailored to the recruitment and staffing sectors.

Don't have your own contractor management team?


Platinum WFM can talk to you about combining components of our Managed Contractor Care solution to assist you with the management of your Invoxy software solution.


Key deliverables of Invoxy include:

Timesheets: Online time recording for contractors and temps via a mobile or desktop browser app. Timesheet approvals can be requested online and approved. Admin users can manage and input time.

Client Approvals: Detail of contractor or temp time completed can be viewed by email to the Approver's inbox without the need for login. Audit trails for approvals assist with invoicing, client payment validation, and invoice factoring requirements.

Invoicing: Batch collate and send invoices from approved invoices, dramatically reducing your invoice preparation and turn-around time to your client. Invoices are branded as you and can be tailored to your requirements.

Reporting: A reporting engine allows you to config reports relevant to your recruitment and staffing reporting requirements. Enhance oversight of your business reports with easily accessible reports.



Invoxy Solution

Partnering with Invoxy, Platinum WFM is able to set up, provision, and support your Invoxy software solution.


Simply click on the "Get Started" button below and provide us with some basic information about your business.

A member of our friendly Customer Success Team will reach out to organise a demo with you, and provide further insights into how an Invoxy software solution can assist your business with Timesheet, Approver, Invoicing, and Reporting tools.

The Invoxy solution is a hosted software solution, enabling your own internal contractor management team to electronically manage your temp and contractor client engagements.

More importantly, with the help of the Invoxy software and your own internal dedicated team, timesheet approvals and client invoicing can be supercharged for maximum benefit to your business.

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Our solutions enhance your delivery team for customer success.

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