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 For Your Future of Work

Our Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the future of work is being shaped by various factors such as technological advancements, changing market dynamics, and shifting workforce expectations. To navigate these challenges and ensure a successful future for your business, it is crucial to have robust support systems and effective processes in place.

With Platinum WFM, it is easy to nurture valuable relationships.

Excellent customer service delivery takes planning, administration, governance, follow-up, and support. Our Customer Success Team, efficient systems and effective processes hold your hand and the hands of your customers throughout your relationship. 


Our commitment to you:

  • To provide you with pay-as-you-go solutions to allow your business to scale up or down along with our cost of service

  • To provide you and your customers with premium services

  • To make your competition seem the second rate by comparison because you have our services that they don’t

  • To make your customer only want to deal with you because our seamless systems help to show you care

  • To make your customers want more of your services because our backend allows you to work efficiently and effectively

  • To make your business more enjoyable because we have your back and take care of the details

  • To understand your requirements and ultimately solve your problems

  • To empower your business for the success you and your customers deserve

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the future of work is being shaped by various factors such as technological advancements, changing market dynamics, and shifting workforce expectations. To navigate these challenges and ensure a successful future for your business, it is crucial to have robust support systems and effective processes in place.


This is where our Workforce Management Care Solution comes into play, offering you a comprehensive package that combines people, systems, and processes to deliver an end-to-end employee and contractor care and management solution.


One of the key pillars of our solution is our dedicated Customer Success Team. These professionals are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to hold your hand and the hands of your customers throughout your relationship.


Whether you are a Consultancy, Corporate, Professional, or Recruiter, our team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide tailored support every step of the way.



Seamless Onboarding with a personal touch for your incoming employees or contractors.


Our pay-as-go solution includes the following:

  • We will provision bespoke software for your needs and the team to support you throughout

  • Customisable onboarding communications for your employees or contractors

  • Full digital registration

  • Complete compliance checking

  • Electronic signatures

  • Visa compliance

  • Thorough WHS/OHS checklists



Quick and efficient contracts that increase your chances of success when securing resources for your business.


We know that efficient contracts management is crucial to the success of your business. Without a contract with your contractor, your client won’t pay you for your contractor’s time and a contractor won’t provide their services to your client for a fee. 


We recognise that the timely signing of employee or contractor contracts is critical to your contract recruitment business. Not processing contracts quickly leaves your contractor exposed to approaches for other contracts by your competitors.

Our team and systems will:

  • Select the best software for your contracting needs and provide the team to support you

  • Manage the full contract process

  • Complete electronic contracts management

  • Use your contracts or specially tailored contracts

  • Secure online signing systems

  • Contracts signing certificates

  • Secure data protection



Accurate electronic timesheets and proactive support to chase approvers, employees or contractors.


Timesheets are like water to a river when contracting. Without approved timesheets, invoices can’t be sent to your client for time spent on services. Without accurate timesheets, you don’t have a viable business.


Our electronic timesheets, backed by our Customer Success Team following up on approvers and contractors, ensures that your currency is in the best of care to ensure the success of your contractor desk.

Let the Platinum WFM team provide all the support you need:

  • In consultation with you, we will tailor-make a timesheet software system for your business

  • Our Customer Success Team will manage the approval process

  • Use the accessible branded portal for customised timesheets

  • Quick invoicing for improved cash flow

  • Our system will integrate with your other accounting software, including but not limited to MYOB and Xero

  • An efficient and accurate digital approval process

  • Reminders of unapproved invoices

  • Submit expenses for approval



Integrated invoicing to timesheets for fast, accurate customer invoicing for maximum cashflow leverage.


We know that accurate timesheets are just the first step to hassle-free invoicing. Often you are paying an employee or contractor before your client pays you. Invoicing your client as soon as a timesheet is approved dramatically improves your chances of prompt payment before you have to pay your contractors.


Our support centre, integrated systems and efficient processes allow us to invoice your client at the time of approval, allowing your contractor desk to thrive.

Let the Platinum WFM Customer Success Team:


  • Manage complex invoicing processes

  • Tailor-make an invoicing solution for your requirements

  • Ensure timely invoicing for maximised cash flow

  • Check that your invoicing system is fully integrated with your other accounting software



Payroll configuration, payslips, administration, STP, governance, and reporting for compliance.


Tax, governance, and reporting are necessary parts of your business but can be daunting to the average recruiter. The Platinum WFM Customer Success Team is highly experienced in processing contractor payrolls with Australia’s best recognised payroll system.


Let us:

  • Manage your payroll process

  • Ensure 100% compliance with STP to the ATO (single touch payroll to the Australian Tax Office)

  • Create full payroll integration with your existing accounting software, such as MYOB and Xero



Configurable custom reports at your fingertips. Reporting systems that enhance your success.


Being able to pull comprehensive reports quickly and easily will allow you to get an instant snapshot of the state of your managed solution, for maximum business growth and capability.


Our reporting options include:

  • Configurable custom reports

  • Commissions and placement reports

  • Invoice and client reports

  • Configurable reporting analytics

Software Support


We recognise that software is the modern service delivery tool, integral to your success and that of your customers.


Our suite of SaaS, software-as-a-service solutions, provisioned by our leading-edge partners and configured and managed by Platinum WFM are integral in our ever-evolving digital world. Choosing to implement and leverage software critical to your industry sector can ultimately mean the success or failure of your business. Platinum WFM combines years of industry knowledge with subject matter expert experience with our partner software providers to deliver your business premium back office solutions.


Software support includes:

  • Setup, configuration and management of software

  • Maintenance of an expanding knowledge base of software updates and evolving requirements

  • Software integration across your business application requirements

  • Software automation and enhancements to bring your business efficiencies that can take months and years to develop from scratch.

  • Search, selection and implementation of new and emerging software solutions for the success of your business and customers.

Workflow Managemet


Do you have critical business workflows? We have a workflow management team.


Successful businesses that are able to run efficiently and effectively while achieving scalable growth and capability are systems, process, and workflow-driven. Platinum WFM has perfected its own digital-driven and automated workflows to achieve high levels of customer service and success within our current customer base. Our Customer Success Team is able to work with your team to assist in the management and configuration of your own critical business workflows. 

Our team can:

  • Assist you in converting your workflows to digital

  • Incorporate your business workflows into our Customer Success management system for efficient customer delivery

  • Support your business in the delivery of your business workflows utilising Platinum WFM's people, systems, and processes for scalability

Custmer Success


Our Customer Success Team can tailor back office solutions for your customer success.


Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to the success of your business and your customer. We know that our team has been successful when our solutions and services enhance the services you already provide.


Furthermore, these solutions add value and are otherwise expensive and time-consuming to implement without the benefit of economies of scale and managed solutions like Platinum WFM.​

Successful Entrepreneur

 Platinum’s role is not to replace your delivery team.

Our solutions enhance your delivery team for customer success.

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