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Hate admin but love recruiting contractors? We can help.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When it comes to contractor management, admin is a necessary evil. Our integrated systems, all-Aussie support, and Contractor Care Team minimise your admin, whether you're starting out or expanding your agency.

Running your own recruitment business means managing your own administration - being your own IT guy, HR department, office manager and receptionist – when all you really want to do is grow your client base and expand your contractor book.

If you love recruiting contractors, but hate managing all the admin that goes with it, we can help. Here are our top tips to keep up with the admin you have to do, and outsource or automate what others can do for you.

TIP 1 Do it immediately.

If an admin task takes two or three minutes to do, do it immediately. Sending an email, double-checking a quote, or submitting an online form are crucial parts of your business, but easy to put off. If you ‘put off’ 20 little things that each take three minutes to do, that’s an extra hour you have to find to complete them – taking your attention away from your recruitment to-do list.

TIP 2 Outsource to specialists.

Instead of spending hours researching software or figuring out reporting requirements that you don't fully understand, outsource these tasks to experts. Put their skills and experience to good use and free yourself up to build your business.

PlatinumWFM has integrated leading software tools into a seamless back-office that is maintained by our Aussie support team. Our solution takes care of essential payroll requirements, like tax, governance and reporting, as well as making contracting and onboarding a piece of cake.

Outsource your contractor management to us and rest easy knowing that your admin is running effectively, without taking anything away from you the relationships you have built with your contractors or clients.

TIP 3 Automate and digitise.

We've included system automations in how we process contracting, onboarding, timesheets, invoicing and more. Our Contractor Care Team chase both timesheet submissions and approvals, while our software invoices your clients as soon as timesheets are approved. This kind of efficiency delivers huge benefits to your cash flow.

PlatinumWFM's Top 4 automation advantages:

  1. Human errors are reduced or removed

  2. Productivity and efficiency increase

  3. Documents sent to your clients and contractors carry your branding

  4. Records are stored safely and may be accessed from anywhere

Since you probably don't have in-house IT, we provide training and technical support to you and your contractors. You also have all-Aussie support to keep your back-office running smoothly from day one.

Many recruiters are nervous about automating systems that used to rely on people, like payroll, but gearing your business for growth today depends on agile software. Knowing that you can handle big volumes or complex requirements in the same back-office solution should give you the confidence to chase new and challenging opportunities. And that road leads to greater success and growth.

TIP 4 Do it first. Or last.

When it comes to the business admin that only you can do, give yourself the benefit of a routine habit, where you tackle paperwork at a regular time of day. Many people prefer to do it first thing in the morning so the ‘worst job’ is over for the day, and they can move onto more exciting tasks. Others prefer to ‘tidy up’ and prepare for the following day by doing all their admin before they log off for the evening. Our tip is to find what works for you and stick to it.

Admin apathy can creep up on all of us, but if you harness the correct software tools and support, it becomes an element of your business that runs smoothly in the background, leaving you free to do what you do best.


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