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Payroll Express

The Payroll Express Partner Model is designed for partners and clients who find Platinum WFM payroll or workforce managed services complimentary to their product and service mix to enhance value for their current services to clients.

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Innovative Partner Payroll



This solution is designed for Partner revenue growth:

  • Channel Partners who want to resell vanilla Platinum Payroll Services.

  • Channel Partners who want to be rewarded with revenue share.

  • Channel Partners who want to additional services to client requirements.

The Platinum WFM Difference.

Over 10 years of industry and subject matter experience.

1. Done for You Packaged Solution

Packaged for you to increase economies of scale, reduce costs, and enhance profitability through innovative, best-practice solutions.

2. Integrated Systems and Data

Increased efficiencies, decision-making capabilities, and ultimately competitive advantage.

3. Reduced Cost of Entry

The cost of entry and ownership of workforce management solutions can be prohibitive. We package solutions for a fixed-defined cost.

4. Pay As You Go

Outsourcing workforce management costs and investment in managed solutions reduces upfront capital costs, increasing ROI.

How it Works

  • You focus on client relationships.

  • We manage backend systems.

  • Tailor solutions to your client needs.

  • Integrated innovative solution.

Partner Categories

  • White Label - Branded as you.

  • Done For You - You resell our tailored packaged solution.

  • Referral - We take care of delivery.

Revenue Share

  • Add value to your service mix.

  • Earn commissions on sales.

  • Revenue share from 7% to 22%.

  • Value opportunity for growth.

Next Steps

  • An initial call to discuss our solutions and fit for your business.

  • A proposal outlining the benefits, implementation, and revenue share.

  • Implementation of branded solution.

  • Growth in your service revenue.

Get Started

Are you ready to experience the Platinum WFM difference? Our dedicated team is here to guide you. Enquire now for a no-obligation discovery chat at 1300 241 850 or

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 Platinum’s role is not to replace your delivery team.

Our solutions enhance your delivery team for customer success.

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