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PlatinumWFM's Contractor Care Centre

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

If you recruit high-value contractors, get the security and support of PlatinumWFM’s integrated back-office solution and dedicated Contractor Care Centre. Our help desk solves contractor problems and chases up timesheets and approvers. Our technical support keeps your systems running smoothly.

​Does this scenario sound familiar: you place a high-value contractor at a client site. Everyone is happy and the project is going well. You pat your team on the back and they go to work on new client briefs to place new contractors. A few weeks later you get a phone call from your contractor, who wonders why nobody from your office has checked in with them in over a month.

PlatinumWFM was launched to solve the specific challenges that recruiters face when their best assets are white collar contractors and their marketplace is highly competitive. Our entire back-office solution is designed to lift the burden of administration and contractor processing off your shoulders, to free you and your team to focus on what you do best: make great placements.

Contractor Care Centre

When PlatinumWFM manages your back-office, and your contractors have a question or need help with their onboarding, timesheet admin, or payroll, they don’t call on your recruitment consultants or consulting managers. They call our Contractor Care Team.

Our team provides your contractors with a dedicated service desk to solve their problems as efficiently as possible, without your recruitment team being distracted from their core responsibilities, which are serving your clients and chasing new briefs.

Our commitment to you is to deliver the best contractor management service in the industry, ensuring that your contractors feel valued and cared for, every step of the way. Smooth processes and excellent support make everybody’s lives easier and that means happy contractors and clients, and stronger relationships for you.

Platinum’s role is to help recruiters by taking care of all the admin involved in placing the best possible candidates. Our tools, systems and people are experts in flawless placement. Darren Berson

The PlatinumWFM difference

You can buy the individual software components in our system and deal with several vendors and multiple service centres… or use PlatinumWFM’s integrated back-office solution from a single vendor with superb support for your contractors.

Thanks to our combination of technical expertise and recruitment background, we’ve been able to identify and integrate the best software partners into one system, while our Care Team provides you with one-stop Aussie technical support.

Normally, extra human resources cost a great deal of extra money, but with PlatinumWFM, a dedicated support team is part of your back-office package. The result is that you have a dedicated administrator and system specialist at a fraction of the cost.​

Imagine how your business can grow if your team stays focused on making placements, and our team focuses on your smooth admin and happy contractors?

Affordable from the start

PlatinumWFM’s works on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model, which means you pay a percentage of your total monthly payroll and gain access to our full back-office solution, support team and Contractor Care Centre.

Our PAYG model means you never pay for services you don’t need - the amount you pay shrinks and expands as a percentage of your payroll, without changing your access to PlatinumWFM’s full solution and administrative support.

This makes our integrated contractor help desk incredibly affordable, and gives you the power to rapidly scale up to onboard a full project team of contractors, or scale down when projects end. PlatinumWFM is a no fuss, no friction solution because our system is purpose-built for recruitment and contractor management agencies.

Does this sound like the contractor management solution for you? Book a no obligation consultation or use the Live Chat button to talk to our team today.


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