Why choose Platinum WFM? 

 ‘Professional contractors, consulting and recruiting agencies are valued because they get sh*t done. So do we.’

Darren Berson

Because time really is money


Time you don’t spend recruiting contractors, building client relationships and placing candidates is revenue that you’re not earning. Rather than spend time handling routine administrative tasks, hand them to us so you can carry on with your core business.

For a pay-as-you-go fee, Platinum WFM repatriates your time paid for by your client. We want you recruiting, building your client relationships and placing candidates as much as possible.

Because extra human resources cost money


Human resources outside the recruiter sales function are an on-cost to your business. Sales human resources are revenue-attracting while administrative human resources are profit-depleting. Platinum WFM costs a fraction of what a full team of administrators and IT specialists would.


Having extra human resources in your business means more selling, increased placements and bigger margins to support your bottom-line. Ultimately, this increases the pressure on your sales team. A pay-as-you-go model that adjusts to your supply and demand as a variable cost will reduce stress, improve focus and boost your bottom-line for greater profit. 

Because fixed costs drain your business resources

Your contractor recruiting business has seasonal ups and downs. Traditionally, the end of the financial year in June and festive season are times of the year where your contractor book reduces in size before you get back to work selling in August and February. Because Platinum WFM works on a percentage basis, you pay us according to your turnover, not according to a fixed cost.

Because integrations give you competitive advantage

The double handling of data, duplication of systems and processes is a recruiter’s worst nightmare. It is a recipe for disaster and reduces your competitive advantage where time lost can often mean placements lost to your competitors. Platinum WFM is constantly working to ensure seamless integrations with our software partners. This is another load off your mind when you hand over your admin to us.

It is easier to let us take care of your double handling woes so you can get back to selling, having fun, talking to your clients and doing what you do best. That leaves us to do what we do best: managing your contractor care administration.

Because we can help you strengthen your relationships

Does the following scenario sound familiar? You place a highly valued contractor at a client site. Everyone is getting on famously. Your team pats each on the back and gets back to selling, placing new contractors in new client sites. Six weeks later you get a phone call. The first contractor asks, ‘Why haven’t you spoken to me for six weeks?’

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All your admin, one managed solution.