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Total Contractor Timesheet Management by PlatinumWFM

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Your success as a recruiter managing contractors depends on billing processes that run smoothly, with minimal manual data capture and maximum efficiency. PlatinumWFM’s Invoxy integration automates timesheet processing, while our Care Team chases contractors and approvers to achieve successful invoicing quickly and painlessly.

If you’re a recruiter of high value contractors, your cash flow depends on the speed with which your back-office processes timesheets and secures approvals.

We’re recruitment tech experts, so we chose the best software partners to integrate into an end-to-end contractor management solution. To manage timesheets and invoicing, we added Invoxy to our CRM, payroll, and accounting software partners, resulting in the smoothest, most accurate data processing.

PlatinumWFM’s timesheet management system goes beyond the very best technology by adding the power of a dedicated Contractor Care Centre. Our Care Team chases up contractors to submit their timesheets, and then follows up on client approvers. When timesheets are approved, the system immediately issues an invoice, without you lifting a finger.

Time is money

We know that timesheets for recruiters are like water to seedlings for farmers. Without water, crops fail to grow and harvests are lost. Without approved timesheets, your clients cannot be invoiced and your cash flow suffers.

We’ll train your contractors to use our easy online timesheet system, which also allows them to submit expense claims, and our help desk will provide any technical support they need. PlatinumWFM’s back-office solution provides a full audit trail, which is automatically attached to all invoices.

The most common reason invoices don’t get paid on time is unresolved questions. Since our records cover when the contractor submitted their timesheet, when it was approved, and by whom, there are no queries for you to resolve, or any reason to delay your payment.

Invoxy has been a very good addition to our contractor management toolset. As a small and growing recruitment agency, we aim to use SaaS products wherever possible… the contractor and client experience has largely been positive so far. Chris Garibaldi

Best of breed systems

We partnered with Invoxy, an Australian timesheet software provider, because we are on the same mission: to take excellent care of your back office admin, so that you can focus on recruitment and building your client list.

Like us, Invoxy serves recruitment agencies who manage a workforce of contractors. We know that this marketplace is becoming more and more competitive, and you need technical solutions that deliver real advantages over your rivals. Using a best of breed system integrated into PlatinumWFM’s full back-office solution and supported by our Care Team, means you can work smarter, not harder.

Contractor helpdesk

Every system relies on human beings at some point. That’s why PlatinumWFM’s Care Team supports contractors and clients to keep the process as efficient as possible. Our team keeps each timesheet in the system moving along until it’s ready for payroll and billing.

Invoxy makes life easy for your contractors and approvers. When contractors request approval for their timesheets, the client approver receives an email. They can see the full timesheet details, approve or decline, and even add notes – all within the email they received, without having to login.

Your contractors will appreciate Invoxy’s online timesheets too. They can enter their start, break and end times, or simply record their total duration for each day. It’s easy to copy the previous week’s timesheets in a single click and edit time entries.

PlatinumWFM’s team will tailor your timesheet templates to your needs - you can keep it super simple or require contractors to record time spent on specific types of work or projects.

5-stars. Excellent product with excellent customer service. Been using Invoxy for 9 months now and couldn’t be happier with the product! Sean Ackaert

Happy, healthy cash flow

PlatinumWFM’s pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model is calculated as a percentage of your total monthly payroll, which gives you full access to our back-office management systems and services.

Our PAYG model lets you unlock PlatinumWFM’s full administrative support for your contractors and clients. By paying a percentage of your monthly payroll, which may shrink or expand during the year, you pay for what you use instead of committing to a fixed overhead.

Our system integrates with your accounting software, like MYOB and Xero. Data is passed automatically between timesheets, approvers and invoices to protect accuracy and increase efficiency. Contractors can submit expenses for approval with their timesheets, and the system issues reminders for unapproved invoices.

We make timesheet processing fast and easy for your contractors and clients, leaving you free from admin and able to focus on building your business. With PlatinumWFM’s timesheet solution, you have full visibility every step of the way so that you always know your billing status.

The longer it takes to get a timesheet approved, the longer it takes you to invoice your client, and the bigger the delay between you paying your contractors and receiving payment. We added our Contractor Care Team to the Invoxy timesheets solution to deliver an incredibly affordable system that supports a happy, healthy cash flow.

Does this sound like the contractor management solution for you? Book a no obligation consultation or use the Live Chat button to talk to our team today.


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