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Platinum WFM Across the Desk Newsletter - October 2023

Platinum WFM Across the Desk Newsletter October 2023

Platinum WFM From Across the Desk Newsletter - October, Spring 2023.

Welcome to the October Across the Desk. At Platinum WFM we enable growth and enhance your capability for success through our suite of workforce and contractor care solutions.

This year has seen significant technology advancements in AI adopted by industry sectors to transform how they find efficiencies for growth and success. ChatGPT and Bard from Google have been one of the large numbers of AI tools that have hit the market in 2023.

AI and Machine Learning continues to evolve the Consultant and Recruitment Agency sectors to automate tasks, from sourcing and screening to conducting interviews and making hiring decisions.

However, we all very much recognise that humans play a critical role in relationship management, negotiations, problem solving and ultimately adding value in the services provided and the outcomes critical to our business success. With this in mind we welcome any questions you might have that require clever humans to enhance and find efficiencies in your technology driven consulting businesses.

Quote of the month "Become slower in your journey through life. Practice yoga and meditation if you suffer from 'hurry sickness.' Become more introspective by visiting quiet places such as churches, museums, mountains and lakes. Give yourself permission to read at least one novel a month for pleasure." - Wayne Dyer From across our workforce management desk Spring - October 2023. 5 Ways to Develop Talent for an Unpredictable Future (3 min read) This Harvard Business Review article reflects on the evolving impacts on AI and its impact like past disruptive technologies. What are the net outcomes of these changes and the importance of reskilling and education in the evolution of talent for the future. The author suggests that for every dollar organisations invest in technology another nine dollars needs to be invested in talent and related processes. Small Business Tech Roundup: ChatGPT Will Now Use Current Data (1 min read) Even for the free version of ChatGPT users will be able to access more current data through the AI. These limitations as opposed to competitors have limited the usability and function of this tool. Hybrid work is in trouble. Here are 4 ways to make it work in the longer term (3 min read) According to Mark Samuels knowledge workers are experiencing Hybrid Work as the new normal. However as normal as this may or may not actually be it has required considerable judgement and work configuration by the business community. Issues like isolation and the need for human interaction can influence greatly its success. Mark explores ways that businesses can achieve success in hybrid work arrangements and some of the challenges that need to be observed. How technology will make us smarter (2 min read) Author Russ Neuman explores insights into how technology will make us smarter reflecting on on his new book: Evolutionary Intelligence: How Technology Will Make Us Smarter. Neuman reflects on how as an example, human capacities to get things done have coevolved with the technologies humans have invented. The wheel has made us more mobile and machine power has made us stronger. Evolutionary intelligence will make us smarter. The Power of Self-Awareness And Empathy In Leadership (3 min read) According to the author, mastering EI is not merely a choice but an imperative for modern leadership. It impacts leadership effectiveness, team dynamics and organisational culture. Explore the 5 pillars of EI and how these can enhance your leadership capabilities and effectiveness. To your business success and future of work. Darren Berson Director / Client Success Manager P.S. If you’re not already connected with us, please join us on LinkedIn.

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