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Top 5 software tools for recruiters

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

What to look for in the most effective backend tools that can enhance the candidate experience, cut your costs and help the future of your agency.

Contractor management can, especially in growth industries like IT and Finance, be a high-volume business that adds a substantial amount to your bottom line. But, like all businesses that depend on large numbers of transactions, having efficient administrative tools will keep your costs down and errors to a minimum so you can focus on keeping the pipeline of new contractors fed.

These are the key features your five most useful back-office software tools should have:


Ensure whichever onboarding software you choose can provide a better contractor journey through a slick digital journey with a high ‘nurturing’ factor. Onboarding is about more than simply signing official documents: by giving your contractors a seamless online experience, you will cement your reputation as an innovative and strategic recruitment agency and encourage both loyalty and future referrals.

Digital onboarding is a crucial part of the way the world of work is adapting to the new realities of the 2020s and beyond.

Key features to look out for:

  1. Digital registration

  2. Paperless new-hire documentation

  3. Compliance checks

  4. Electronic signature functionality (also known as ‘e-signatures’)

  5. Welcome emails

  6. Visa requirements

  7. Occupational health and safety regulations

  8. Insurance


If you are going to successfully service high-volume growth industries or businesses with high day rates, efficient contract management is non-negotiable.

Key feature to look out for:

  • Data protection (this is essential to maintain the integrity of highly confidential information)


Simplified timesheets will allow your team to accurately record their hours - accurate and detailed invoices will be a boon for your clients.

Key features to look out for:

  1. A branded timesheet portal (the software should have easy-to-use white labelling options so you can attach your own logo and details to timesheets)

  2. Accurate recording (both entries and corrections easy to input)

  3. Integration with payroll

  4. Instant and configurable approval system

  5. Detailed reports

  6. Tailored invoicing with invoices generated rapidly

  7. All timesheets and invoices backed up by cloud-based technology for complete peace of mind and full ability to work remotely


Payroll is so much more than timesheets and invoicing: you also need to ensure tax compliance for your contingent workforce.

Key features to look out for:

  1. 100% compliant with all regulations

  2. Single Touch Payroll (STP) software

  3. Direct payment of PAYG to the ATO (Australian Tax Office)

  4. Monthly super clearing house management for employer superannuation contributions

  5. State-based Payroll Tax Reporting compliance


Ensure that whichever backend software you choose can easily collate focused reports for you and your clients.

Key features to look out for:

  1. Fully configurable analytics system

  2. Commissions and placement reporting

  3. Invoice and client reporting

  4. Full technical support to reconfigure reports when needed

Your back-office software tools need to be intelligent, agile, best-of-breed and integrated so that they work seamlessly in the background and free you from day-to-day administrative tasks. In the long run, the return on your investment in such a system will be significant, especially as a well-run backend is crucial to your initial success as a start-up and ongoing growth as an established agency.



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