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Case Study: Empowering Rapid Growth for a Blue-Collar Labour Hire Recruitment Business

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Best Practice Case Study
Best Practice Case Study


A rapidly growing blue-collar labour hire recruitment business faced the challenge of managing complex client requirements with streamlined end-to-end processes. They needed a solution to handle onboarding, timesheets, invoicing, payroll, reporting, and governance efficiently while supporting their rapid growth.


Without integrated systems, streamlined processes, and effective change management, the labour hire service delivery of the business could come to a halt. To maintain momentum, they required a solution that would empower their growth and ensure timely payments to both clients and contractors. Platinum WFM's innovative and tailored configuration of timesheet and invoice management, particularly location-based client invoicing, proved to be the catalyst for their success.


Platinum WFM delivered a streamlined contractor management system and processes tailored to the complexity of their client requirements. Our team reverse-engineered daily worksheet and timesheet requirements to meet the specific billing needs of their clients while significantly reducing administrative overheads.


  • Branded portal, communications, systems, and processes for a consistent and professional look.

  • A comprehensive package of tested and proven people, systems, and processes for a complete solution.

  • Rapid and manageable growth enabled by the scalability of the integrated solution.

  • Cost-neutral pricing structure, incorporating pay-as-you-go, aligned with client margins.

  • Enhanced client outcomes through top-notch contract management excellence.

  • Integrated processes to overcome daily worksheet and timesheet to billing issues.

  • A complex integration of people, systems, and processes that works seamlessly.

  • Accurate payroll reporting meeting Australian Taxation Office (ATO) specifications.

  • All-inclusive software and systems management and support for a seamless experience.

  • Introduction of a clear governance layer to enhance contractor payroll management.


Thanks to the streamlined 8 Step Contractor Management System, this growth-focused business efficiently addresses the real needs of its construction clients, achieving significant month-on-month growth. PWFM continues to support the business through regular change management meetings, seeking out and implementing further improvements.

Our cost-neutral solution ensures maximum profit for your business, allowing you to focus on growth and success.

Darren Berson

Director/Client Success Manager

Platinum WFM

1300 241 850

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