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Platinum WFM Across the Desk Newsletter - September 2023

Platinum WFM From Across the Desk Newsletter August 2023

Platinum WFM From Across the Desk Newsletter - September, Spring 2023.

Spring has arrived and winter sports finals are in full swing. Hopefully your team has reached the finals after a competitive season. Congratulations to Simon our inaugural Platinum WFM ESPN Footy Tips winner for 2023.

Growth opportunities, business resilience, talent shortages, changing economic conditions, and newly minted Federal Government IR Laws, have all been key topics of the past month.

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies Australia (APSCO) provides additional information on the "Closing the Loopholes Bill" in this update to Members for your reference.

We have taken a strong technology perspective to our Across the Desk this September. However key topics like Web3, AI, Remote Work, and Automation are all critical topics in tomorrow's Future of Work. Quote of the month "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible visible." - Tony Robbins From across our workforce management desk Spring - September 2023. The Future of Work is Remote: How to Prepare for the Security Challenges (1 min read) This article reflects on the challenges businesses face and how business can tackle the risks but also the opportunities that are presented. Many of us don't need reminding, but there are essential protocols businesses can follow to ensure the Remote Work journey is a successful while ensuring security is addressed. The 6 Best AI Apps and Websites for Personal Growth (2 min read) Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be the talk of the town. This article explores AI tools that assist in boosting your personal growth. Achieving your personal and professional goals and self improvement are hot topics as we all navigate the rapidly changing influences around us. How to use Perplexity AI as a research assistant and fact checker (2 min read) Most of us a familiar with ChatGPT and the incredible difference it has made to our daily lives if you have experienced its many capabilities on your desktop or phone. The Perplexity AI team have created a useful tool that allows users to fact check and understand questions with an alternative methodology to ChatGPT and the growing number of similar tools in the marketplace. What is Web3? The future of the internet, a 'marketing buzzword' or something still to be defined? (3 min read) Yes we have taken a technology perspective to our Across the Desk this September. However key topics like Web3, AI, Remote Work, and Automation are all critical topics in tomorrow's Future of Work. This seeks to look at Web3 and the impact this evolving future of the internet will have on the future of work and business. How to Prepare for a GenAI Future You Can't Predict (5 min read) This Harvard Business Review article explores the pressures the rapidly changing landscape that generative AI has introduced in 2023. Business executives are questioning the benefits this technology will bring their businesses and how it may be applied when workforces are already adopting and bringing these tools into the workplace as personal assistants influencing everyday activities. To your business success and future of work. Darren Berson Director / Client Success Manager

Is your professional services or consulting agency facing growth hurdles that seem insurmountable? Are you burdened by inefficiencies, scalability challenges, and the chaos of disjointed systems? In the era of the future of work, success hinges on a streamlined and efficient approach - and Platinum WFM is here to help you achieve just that.

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