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Partner Snapshot: RecAlliance for Recruitment Startups

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

RecAlliance for Startup Recruiters

RecAlliance is a relatively new player in the recruitment startups in the recruitment agency market, having been established in July 2022 and having gone to market in March 2023. The company is focused on supporting both start-up and established recruitment agencies with two primary deliverables: facilitating the start-up, running, and growth of new recruitment agencies, and operating as a buying group for established recruitment agencies.

RecAlliance's approach is designed to help its agency members increase revenue, improve the bottom line, and improve productivity. To achieve these goals, the company has created an Operating System (OS) of eight key functions, which include accounting, brand, CRM/ATS, productivity, market presence, insurance, compliance, and reporting. Depending on their needs, agency members can choose to include some or all of these components in their OS, which is tailored to their individual requirements.

RecAlliance offers its agency members access to a wide range of components to help them manage their businesses effectively. These components include accounting services such as ABN registration, bookkeeping, and invoice and payroll funding, as well as branding services like logos, LinkedIn banners, and email signatures. Agency members also have access to RecAlliance's CRM/ATS database, which contains a live candidate market of 50,000+ candidates, as well as productivity tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, video meetings, and social media scheduling.

To help agency members increase their market presence, RecAlliance offers services such as Seek advertising, LinkedIn Recruiter, website design, social media graphics, and video production. The company also provides general and workers' compensation insurance, compliance support, and reporting tools to help its members stay on top of their financial, productivity, and marketing metrics.

If you're a generalist or specialist recruitment agency looking to increase your revenue, improve your bottom line, and improve your productivity, RecAlliance could be the solution you need. To learn more about the company's services and how it can help your agency, reach out to our friendly team for a partner introduction.


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