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Earlypay Workforce and Cash Flow Solutions to Fast-Track Business Growth | Webinar with Platinum WFM

On Tuesday the 7th March our Director and Client Success Manager Darren Berson participated in the Earlypay Partnership Series, Episode #2.

This Webinar focused on workforce and cash flow solutions to help businesses reduce risk, improve efficiencies, maximise profits and enhance contractor retention. This webinar is particularly valuable if you are in recruitment, labour hire, consultancy and contracting.

Donelle Brooks, The National Partnerships Manager at Earlypay discussed with Darren, valuable insights and strategies, so you'll be empowered with the knowledge to help optimise your workforce management and finances - which can help you on the path of accelerated business growth.

Topics discussed included:

  • Tips on managing recruitment and retention challenges due to talent shortages;

  • Enhancing systems and processes to ensure on-time cash flow and payments;

  • Critical governance and reporting requirements many businesses get wrong.

If this resonates with you, by all means join Darren Berson for a Free Discovery Session at a time of your convenience.

Access the Webinar Recording here.


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