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Your Top 10 Outsourced Payroll Questions Answered

Outsourced payroll delivered by experienced people, systems and processes.
Outsourced payroll delivered by experienced people, systems and processes.

Here are our Top 10 Outsourced Payroll questions and answers to assist you in understanding what an Outsourced Payroll Solution is, why you would use one, and how you would implement it for your business.

Our Top 10 Outsourced Payroll Questions

1. What is outsourced payroll?

2. What are the key benefits of outsourcing payroll?

3. How can outsourced payroll help businesses stay compliant with tax regulations?

4. Can outsourced payroll providers handle complex payroll calculations and deductions?

5. What measures do outsourced payroll providers take to ensure data security and confidentiality?

6. How can outsourcing payroll save businesses time and resources?

7. What level of customisation and flexibility do outsourced payroll providers offer?

8. Can outsourced payroll providers handle multiple pay structures and varying employee classifications?

9. How do outsourced payroll providers handle payroll inquiries and employee support?

10. What should businesses consider when choosing an outsourced payroll provider?

Our Top 10 Payroll Questions Answered

1. Outsourced payroll refers to the practice of delegating payroll processing tasks to a specialised external service provider.

2. The key benefits of outsourcing payroll include cost savings, improved accuracy, enhanced compliance, reduced administrative burden, access to expertise, and scalability.

3. Outsourced payroll providers stay up to date with tax regulations, handle tax filings, calculate tax deductions, and ensure businesses meet their tax obligations.

4. Yes, outsourced payroll providers have the expertise to handle complex payroll calculations, including taxes, benefits, overtime, and deductions.

5. Outsourced payroll providers implement robust data security measures, including encryption, secure servers, access controls, and confidentiality agreements to protect sensitive employee information.

6. Outsourcing payroll saves businesses time by eliminating manual data entry, automating processes, and reducing administrative workload. It also saves resources by avoiding the need for dedicated payroll staff and technology investments.

7. Outsourced payroll providers offer varying levels of customisation and flexibility to accommodate different payroll requirements, pay structures, and reporting needs.

8. Outsourced payroll providers can handle multiple pay structures such as hourly, salaried, and commission-based and different employee classifications like full-time, part-time, and temporary staff.

9. Outsourced payroll providers typically offer dedicated support channels for payroll inquiries, employee assistance, and troubleshooting.

10. When choosing an outsourced payroll provider, businesses should consider factors such as experience, reputation, service offerings, technology capabilities, customer support, pricing structure, and compliance expertise.

Platinum WFM is a specialist outsourced payroll and workforce management solution provider with nearly 10 years of experience. We partner with innovative software leaders with proven experience in Australia and abroad. Our experienced team can be packaged as an outsourced solution providing you with comprehensive systems, processes and people experience and capabilities.


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