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The Platinum WFM Workforce Management Difference

The Platinum WFM Difference

Established in 2014, Platinum WFM is a niche provider of specialist workforce management solutions integrating leading edge technology with continually refined systems and processes.

Workforce management solutions tailored to your needs. Our outsourced people, systems and processes are integrated to save you time, improve efficiencies and increase profits. Our team is branded as your team to give your business scalability and key support in provisioning your own service delivery for your business success. You focus on delivery, client relationship management, and quality service, backed by Platinum WFM's premium solutions and services.

It's Time to Scale

  • The Future of Work is coming: The future of work is one where workforces expect hybrid, remote work and innovative workplaces.

  • Need for mobility and simplicity: You are competing in the war for talent where mobility and simplicity of workforce systems is essential for workforce retention and recruitment.

  • Need for integration and support: Competition and volume mean data integration, best-practice systems, people and processes are essential to maintain competitive advantage.

Platinum Solutions and Services

  • Workforce Management: Managed and outsourced employee and contractor care from end-to-end including: onboarding, contracts, governance, timesheets, invoicing, payroll, support and reporting in a pay-as-you-go cost neutral model.

  • Software Integration: Eliminate data double handling and data silos. We work with a suite of software partners using best practice software to streamline business and maximise profits.

  • Outsourced Payroll: Our outsourced payroll solution allows you to forget about the worry of payroll configuration, management and governance. Our team will fully support your business utilising the best practice of our Australian ATO STP compliance and Awards compliant payroll management software.

  • Support and Reporting: Our superpower is the personal and responsive support we provide our clients across all aspects of their workforce management needs. Our reporting can be configured to your business reporting requirements.

Competitive Advantages

  • Scalable and time saving: Our systems, processes and people are provided to your business as an outsourced solution complementing or enhancing your capabilities, saving your upfront investment and time for scalability of your business.

  • Trusted and secure: Our clients value our personal service and commitment. We build long-term client and partner relationships that demonstrate real return on investment with a strong focus on privacy and security.

  • Pay as you go: Our pay as you go model is a percentage fee-based model that is cost-neutral and reduces as you scale. We can also tailor pricing to your unique business needs and requirements.

  • Integrated and mobile: Our systems are integrated for your efficiency. Our systems talk to most other systems. Mobility, ease of use, and accessibility for your workforce is paramount.


Workforce management can be time consuming, inefficient, costly, and not your core business. Key challenges that impact future of work focused and growing businesses included:

  • Lack of knowledge and capability: Our best of breed payroll and human capital management systems enhance your workforce management capabilities.

  • Data not integrated: Our systems are integrated to eliminate double entry, reduce errors caused by data transfer and save time so your team can focus on they do best.

  • Difficult to manage or access: Our systems are mobile for easy access, by experienced specialists who manage delivery branded as your support team.

Solutions Built on Trust, Innovation and Commitment

Platinum WFM provides pay-as-you-go workforce management and backoffice to scale your consulting, professional services or recruitment business. Key pillars of delivery and client success include:

  • Trust: Our trusted team delivers workforce management solutions, successfully since 2014, branded as you for your specific requirements.

  • Innovation: We manage mobile, innovative systems, integrated for efficiency, data accuracy, reporting and governance.

  • Commitment: We are committed to personal and friendly service, as your branded support team, for your successful service delivery and business success.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on strong relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers and this is reflected in our business approach:

  • Partner Driven: Our partner network enhances our client capabilities through services that enhance peace of mind, solve real business problems, and empower our clients for success.

  • Service Desk Centric: Our service desk is the spine of our business, focused on timely personal service, provisioned in Australia and across Australia for our client's success.

  • Best Practice: We seek out best-practice solutions, processes, systems, and people for your peace of mind, to build trust and deliver services that are superior in the marketplace.

Our Business Model

We offer tailored solutions for your workforce management needs:

  • Fully Managed: Our fully managed end-to-end solution branded as you, enhances your capability and client service.

  • Tailored Solutions: We tailor solutions where your greatest need is identified so you can scale cost effectively.

  • Consulting: Our experienced team and people can provide advisory and consulting services for your business needs.

Experience the Platinum WFM difference today in managing your workforce management needs. Our experienced and friendly team are available for a no obligation discovery chat on 1300 241 850 or via at a time of your convenience.


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