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Case Study: Empowering Scalable Growth for an Innovative Technology Recruiter

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Best Practice Case Study
Best Practice Case Study


An innovative technology recruiter, catering to national brands and providing technology contractor talent across Australia, needed a scalable and innovative technology contractor management solution to support their rapid growth.


The recruiter's successful promotion and rapid expansion placed increasing pressure on their existing systems. Without upgrading to frictionless smart systems that reduce duplication, accelerate contractor placement processing, and eliminate wasted administrative resources, their growth potential would have remained unrealised.


Having successfully placed a large number of technology talents with corporate clients, the recruiter sought to align the brand's success with a seamless contractor management solution. Platinum WFM's managed contractor care solution, integrated within the organisation, reinforced their brand from the perspective of end customers. This integration facilitated scalability through a simple 8-step contractor management methodology.


  • Branded portal, communications, systems, and processes for a consistent and professional image.

  • A comprehensive package of tested and proven people, systems, and processes for a complete solution.

  • Rapid and manageable growth enabled by the scalability of the integrated solution.

  • Cost-neutral pricing structure, incorporating pay-as-you-go, aligned with client margins.

  • Enhanced client outcomes through top-notch contract management excellence.

  • Quick and efficient onboarding of technology professionals through electronic contracts.

  • Seamless integration of people, systems, and processes for an efficient workflow.

  • Accurate payroll reporting meeting Australian Taxation Office (ATO) specifications.

  • All-inclusive software and systems management and support for a seamless experience.

  • Introduction of a clear governance layer to enhance contractor payroll management.


With the integration of PWFM's scalable contractor management solution, this innovative technology recruitment business achieved substantial growth in their technology contractor recruitment division. Within the framework of a tested people, system, and process ecosystem, PWFM enabled scalability that proved cost-effective, profitable, trusted, efficient, and reliable.

Choose a managed contractor care solution, and retain ownership of your contractor relationships, to fuel your business's continued success.

Darren Berson

Director/Client Success Manager

Platinum WFM

1300 241 850


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