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As an industry sector leader managing your own internal workforce resources or providing contract resources to your client, you are busy maintaining your relationship with your client and managing the quality of the services your contract resources are provisioning.


Managing the backend requirements of these contract resources to your client requires a significant investment in infrastructure, processes, systems, knowledge and knowhow which can be costly, difficult to maintain and requires ongoing time, resources and investment.

This is where Platinum WFM steps in.  We have invested in the infrastructure, processes, systems, knowledge and knowhow to ensure that our Platinum Managed Workforce Care Solution picks up where your client relationship management and services delivery ends.


Our client-base has grown significantly in recent years as more and more like-minded industry leaders recognise the scalability, cost and economies-of-scale benefits of our Platinum Contractor Care solution. It makes no sense to make this investment yourself, when your core-business is client relationship management and service delivery.




The advantage of Platinum WFM Contractor Care. Your future of Workforce Management Solutions requires integrated, streamlined systems and processes managed for reduced costs of ownership, maximum benefit and competitive advantage to your business.

Personal Service and Solutions

We pride ourselves on the strength of our personal customer service and solutions. We are a very hands-on organisation with people who are keen to maximise our customer success through timely and innovative personalised services.

Technology Focus and Innovation

We partner with solutions providers who are leaders in workforce and contractor management technology, systems and processes. We wrap our own refined systems around these partner solutions to provide our clients with a workforce and contractor management and care ecosystem that is second to none.

Premium Contractor Care. We facilitate more.

We understand that premium contractor care and support has a three-dimensional result for our clients. Effective contract resources, well supported in service delivery to your clients, enhances competitive advantage, successful outcomes and ultimately your profitability and bottom line.



Our philosophy is a simple one. With our client's success comes our success. To this end, every day in business for Platinum WFM is one where our dedication to customer service is paramount. Our respect for our clients and the contract resources who ensure the service delivery success of client customers is embedded in our contractor care and support. Our commitment to quality, best-practice, improved efficiencies and cost savings drives our continued pursuit of partners who can enhance our service offering.

It's this philosophy, respect and commitment that drives our pursuit of shared success for both our clients and our own team of dedicated and committed professionals. Our commitment to our client success is reinforced by our retention of long-term clients sharing mutual respect and shared success.




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