Platinum WFM is a leading provider of contractor care and management solutions and services specialising in:

  • Onboarding and Contracts – efficient and effective onboarding of your contractors through innovative systems and managing of governance requirements;

  • Timesheets and Invoicing – our wealth of commercial experience coupled with innovative management solutions, strengthen our contractor care capabilities;

  • Payroll and Reporting – we are able to oversee your contractor and contract governance through innovative best-practice solutions and managing online systems.

  • Software Support – Utilising best-practice systems, we are able to automate contractor onboarding, management, governance and reporting capabilities substantially reducing your processing costs;

Personal Information

Through the provision of our managed contractor care services, we collect information in order to facilitate the onboarding, management, reporting and governance of contract resources on behalf of our clients. In order to undertake the above activities Platinum WFM is required to collect:

  • Statutory documentation relating to contractor management, governance and reporting; and

  • Basic contact and contractor information to identify you, manage and report on your contract.

Platinum WFM respects your privacy with the utmost of importance and the systems we use to collect and store this information is secured by Security Certificates and 2-Step Verification for access by restricted personnel authorised by Platinum WFM. At no time is personal information disclosed to Third Parties either local or overseas without your prior consent. Information is only stored for the time periods required by statutory authorities and will be destroyed once this period has lapsed.


  • Platinum WFM uses sophisticated software to store your personal information when processing your contract or information requirements;

  • We utilise cloud solutions that are housed in highly secure data centres practising international standards;

  • Access to our systems is restricted to authorised representatives of Platinum WFM who are screened and adhere to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements;

  • Security measures in place include the latest security certificates for online access or submission of information;

  • Key systems also have 2-Step Verification access requirements in place only allowing access via secondary pin codes;

  • Data Centres we utilise are housed in Australia, Denmark and the US.


  • We use cookies to collect and analyse visitor's data when they land on our website. This helps us provide the best user experience to the visitors on the website;

  • What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor's computer or other internet-connected devices to identify your browser, provide analytics, remember information about our visitors, such as their language preferences;

  • The cookies set may vary based on the functionality it provides. Cookies are used to provide certain functionality of the chat widgets, such as storing the embed position on the screen, requesting tracking permission using GDPR. These cookies also help manage visitor preferences to enhance the experience in the website/app based on their interest and needs;

  • Cookies are also used for analytics and reporting purposes.

Complaints and Requests

  • To access your personal information identification will be required to suitably identify your identity, at no time will personal information be disclosed without being identified;​

  • Your complaints, concerns or feedback is treated with a high priority by our Team and will be addressed in a timely and confidential manner;​

Our Obligations

At Platinum WFM, we are bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles available at

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