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There is an adage in investment circles that says, ‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get’. At Platinum Workforce Management solutions for contractor care, we couldn’t agree more.


Since 2013 and based on our team’s personal experience as former recruiters, we understand seasonal income streams, lag times between paying your contractors and being paid by your clients, and the unavoidable fixed expenses that are part of running a leading recruitment agency.

That is why our pricing matrix works on a pay-as-you-go model. You pay a percentage of your total monthly payroll processed as a management fee to have access to the wealth of crucial backend solutions we provide.


Because it is PAYG, you will never find yourself in a position where you are paying for a service you are not fully using. This is where our emphasis on value comes in: for whatever amount you are paying based on your turnover, you get complete administrative support for your contractors and clients. 

Platinum PLUS

When you reach a certain turnover threshold and your administrative needs become even more complex, we can upgrade you to Platinum PLUS for just a fraction more. Platinum PLUS covers governance, reporting and the Contractor Care Centre.

Growth Discount

We also have a dynamic discounting model based on your growth as a white-collar contractor care agent. This is essentially a rebate that rewards your hard work in growing your business.



  • We provision software and people

  • Custom onboarding communications

  • Digital registration

  • Compliance checking

  • Electronic signatures

  • Visa compliance

  • WHS/OHS checklists


  • We provision software and people

  • Care Team manages payroll process

  • Australia’s leading payroll software

  • 100% STP (ATO required) compliant

  • Accounting software integration


  • We provision software and people

  • Care Team manages governance

  • ATO Reporting Management

  • Payment of PAYG direct to the ATO

  • Super Clearing House Management

  • State Payroll Tax Reporting


  • We provision software and people

  • Care Team manages reporting

  • Configurable custom reports available

  • Commissions and placement reports

  • Invoice and client reports

  • Configurable reporting analytics

  • Management and configuration

Contractor Care

  • We provision software and people

  • Care Team manages Help Centre

  • Contractor Help Centre and Service Desk

  • Technical Support and Assistance

  • Systems integration and configuration


‘Platinum’s role is not to replace the recruiter. We help them by taking care of all the admin involved in placing the best possible candidates. Our tools, systems and people are experts in flawless placement.’

Darren Berson 

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