Your Premium Back Office

We manage all software, integrations, processing, reporting, and governance so you don't have to.


Let us take care of all the people, systems, and processes required for your contractor management back office.

Contractor Care

Our Managed Contractor Care Solution is your future of work workforce management solution designed to take care of the end-to-end contractor management in your business.

Our Customer Success Team, efficient systems and effective processes hold your hand and the hands of your customers throughout your relationship. 

The Managed Contractor Care Solution is a combination of people, systems and processes that combine innovative software, automations, processes, best practice and best of breed systems to deliver you and your business an end-to-end contractor care and management solution.

As a Recruiter, Consultancy, Contractor or Corporate you have specific needs related to your contract or contractgor engagement experience.

We recognise that:

  • Your business is dependent on the retention of highly skilled and professional contractors for service delivery to your internal and external customers.

  • Contractor retention in a talent shortage marketplace requires premium service and care for both retention and acquisition of these resources.

  • Your business success relies on happy customers through delivery of premium services.

  • Efficient and cost-effective cotractor care systmes can reduce your underlying costs while increasing your capability, scalability and profitability.

  • At the heart of our Contractor Care System is a focus on personal service, professionalism, trust, integrity and team work. Key attributes that enhance our client's success and their success with their customers.


Is recruiting Contractor talent critical to your business growth and recruitment future?


Take advantage of our Managed Contractor Care Solution for end-to-end contractor care and management.

What does this actually mean? 


Our Client Success Team works closely with your team to provide a Contractor Care and Management solution. 

For a Pay As You Go Services Fee, our solution can grow or reduce with your needs, giving you full peace of mind that your contractor management costs are paired directly to the service delivery and recruitment requirements of your customer.

We provision all software, people, systems and processes to manage the entire end-to-end requirements of your contractor care management. 

You benefit from best of breed systems, evolving processes, up-to-date governance and more importantly premium service provision to you and your recruitment customer for business success.


Does your Consultancy business rely on engaging contractors for service delivery and client requirements?


Our Managed Contractor Care solution takes care of the entire end-to-end management process so you don't have to. Our Client Success Team works closely with your team to ensure integration with your business for a seamless experience.

From onboarding, through to contracts management, timesheets, invoicing, payroll, reporting and governance, we take care of all software requirements, people, systems and processes.

Furthermore we will work to integrate data with your existing systems and provide you with the reporting and governance to empower your business to focus on service delivery rather than back office support and administration. 


Why build your own team, implement and manage your own software, or invest in evolving systems and processes, when you can outsource this to a managed service provider? For a Pay As You Go Service Fee, only pay for your current contractor management requirements.


Does your profession require independent contractors? 


Your profession is requiring independent contractors. Do you see this as an engagement model in which you would like to work, but don't know how?


Our Client Success Team can assist you in efficiently and effectively managing these requirements on your behalf, leaving you to focus on what you do best, delivering your professional services.

Our Managed Contractor Care Solution takes care of your end-to-end contractor management requirements. This involves working with you and your client to ensure timesheets and invoicing are managed correctly, timesheets are approved on time, and invoices are issued regularly to enhance your cash flow.

Payroll, governance and reporting requirements are managed on your behalf, to ensure compliance and governance is managed.

For a Pay As You Go Service Fee your client ultimately pays for our services. Your complete contractor management back office.


You need to engage contractors but don't have the know-how, people, systems, or processes.


Our Contractor Care and Management Solution can integrate with your existing HR systems, people, and processes. Our Client Success Team has had many years of experience integrating with corporate clients requiring integration with existing systems and processes.

Contractor management may be a step too far in your existing business. Our solution is designed to allow you to outsource this entire function, including all software, people, systems, and process requirements for the successful management of your contractor team.

We take care of all onboarding, governance, timesheets, invoicing, payroll, reporting, and support requirements in relation to your engaged contractor talent. 

In a talent short marketplace, quality of service, and ease of management are critical not only in the retention of professional contractor talent but also in the successful acquisition of this talent.

For a Pay As You Go Service Fee, you have peace of mind that your contractors are managed and that your costs are paired with your requirements and can scale up or down depending on your needs.


Autom8XL is our business automation brand designed to deliver premium contractor care, automation, and back-office services to the skilled and trades sectors.


We recognise that the skilled labour and trades sector requires further refined and developed systems and processes. Having provisioned services to this sector now for over 3 years, we are well placed to support blue-collar, skilled labour and trades contractor management solutions.

Our brand and solution Autom8XL provide specialist end-to-end management, automation, and back-office services including scheduling, onboarding, timesheets, invoicing, payroll, reporting, governance, and support to recruiters and consultancies in this industry sector.

Successful Entrepreneur

 Platinum’s role is not to replace your delivery team.

Our solutions enhance your delivery team for customer success.